Bodum Gas Grill 11450 User Manual

Instruction for use  
A very warm welcome outside!  
What do we associate more with spring and summer than eating outside? And what is more perfect than  
the pleasure of a really first-class barbecue? Whatever you like best – a hearty steak, a juicy sausage or  
grilled veggies – with the BODUM® Picnic Gas BBQ «FYRKAT» you have made the right choice for a sociable  
summer. A barbecue is probably the only culinary event at which the proverb «Too many cooks spoil the  
broth» does not apply: When barbecuing, many cooks are at work. If you are not too easily seduced by  
rich sauces, barbecued food is not only extremely tasty but also healthy and light, especially if you use  
lean meat, fish and vegetables.  
We wish you bon appétit!  
All we would like to do now is to ask you to read these instructions carefully as they contain important  
safety and hazard warnings as well as useful barbecuing tips, and – of course – to wish you a wonderful  
With best wishes from the BODUM® Design Team  
1 Handle  
2 lid  
3 Grilling grate  
4 M4 screw (3 units)  
5 Flame tamer  
6 Grilling bowl  
7 locking clip  
8 regulator  
9 Burner  
10 Support leg (3 units)  
11 Grease tray fastening (3 units)  
12 Grease tray  
13 Air opening  
14 Connection between burner & regulator  
15 Connection between gas canister & regulator  
Place the grilling bowl (6) carefully upside down on a level surface and attach each of the three support legs (10) to  
the grilling bowl (6). Use a pre-fitted M6 screw for each support leg and screw in the support leg (10) until securely  
fastened. tighten all of the grill screws, so that all parts are secure.  
Place the grease tray (12) upside down in the centre of the three support legs (10). Fit the three grease tray fastenings  
(11) onto the support legs (10). the grease tray fastenings (11) can be slid over the support legs (10) with ease by press-  
ing the two eyelets together. the grease tray (12) is now clamped in place by the support leg (10) and the grease tray  
fastening (11). Ensure that the grease tray (12) is positioned at a distance of approx. 6 cm from the grilling bowl (6).  
After attaching the support legs (10) & grease tray (12) to your BODUM® Picnic Gas BBQ, position the BBQ grill on a  
firm, level surface. Place the flame tamer (5) on the three support plates intended for this purpose, and mount these  
on the stays using the M4 screws (4) provided. tighten all of the grill screws sufficiently, so that the flame tamer (5)  
is secure.  
Once assembly is complete, place the grilling grate (4) on the grilling bowl (6).  
In order to transport your BODUM® Picnic Gas BBQ, place the lid (3) on the grilling bowl (6) and clamp it firmly in  
place using the three locking clips (7). Carry the BBQ by the handle (1). the BBQ must never be transported whilst hot.  
Always leave it to cool off completely. Always switch the regulator (8) to OFF prior to transportation.  
Failure to observe these safety instructions and precautions can result in serious damage and injury or even death.  
• Do not use the grill indoors! The BODUM® Picnic Gas BBQ is designed for outdoor use only. toxic gases can form if  
used inside.  
• Place your BODUM® Picnic Gas BBQ on a secure base before using it. the gas grill must never be positioned on an  
incline or tilted!  
• Warning! Never use spirit, petrol or similar liquids to light or relight! Only use firelighters complying with EN1860-3!  
• Children and pets are not allowed to stay unattended near a hot grill.  
• Grill and flammable materials should be kept at least 1.5 m away from each other.  
• Do not place the grill on a flammable surface or on glass.  
• Never store any spare or open gas canisters underneath or in close proximity to the grill.  
• Incorrect assembly can result in danger. Always keep the assembly instructions provided in these instructions close  
at hand.  
• After the picnic gas BBQ has been in storage or out of use for an extended period always check for gas leaks and  
blockages of the burner (9) prior to use. you can find the instructions for this under “Checking for a gas leak”  
• Do not wear clothes with long, wide sleeves when you are grilling.  
• If the flame at the burner (9) should extinguish during use, switch the regulator (8) to OFF and open the lid.  
• Never use charcoal, briquettes or lava stones in your picnic gas BBQ.  
• If fat starts to burn, switch the regulator (8) to OFF and wait until the fire has extinguished.  
• To move the grill, lift it by the handle (1) and position it at the desired location. Never try to move the grill when  
it is hot! Wait until the grill has cooled down before moving or lifting it.  
• The BODUM® Picnic Gas BBQ must not be used as a heater.  
• The BODUM® Picnic Gas BBQ is not intended for installation or use in caravans, campers or on boats.  
• When cleaning the regulator (8) or the burner (9) ensure that the nozzles and connections are not damaged.  
• Butane/propane are not crude gas. Any modification of the grill for use with crude gas and any attempt to use this  
butane/propane grill with crude gas is dangerous and will result in the warranty being voided.  
• A dented or rusty gas canister can be hazardous and should be checked by your gas supplier. Never use gas canisters  
with a damaged valve.  
• Gas may still be present inside gas canisters that appear completely empty. Gas canisters are to be transported and  
stored with this in mind.  
• Never, under any circumstances, attempt to detach the regulator (8) or any other parts of the gas line when using  
the grill.  
• When grilling always remove the lid to the side - never lift up and off - otherwise suction may be generated.  
• Only use the regulator (8) supplied together with the picnic gas BBQ.  
• Do not grill when it is windy.  
• Outdoor use only.  
CAUTION: the gas canister must never be used above head height.  
• Use disposable 70%butane/30%propane canisters with a minimum full weight of 430 g and a maximum full weight  
of 460 g. the canisters must be fitted with a valve with thread complying with En417.  
• Never search for a gas leak with the aid of a naked flame. Prior to hunting for a leak, ensure that no sparks or naked  
flames are close by. Sparks and flames may trigger an explosion, which could cause severe or even fatal injuries and  
lead to material damage.  
• Only tighten the canister connection by hand. The use of excessive force could damage the regulator connection  
and the canister valve.  
this may in turn lead to a leak or prevent gas from flowing.  
• Remove the lid when lighting and keep the grill uncovered as it starts to burn.  
• Never touch the grill or grate to determine whether it is hot.  
• Always wear barbecuing mitts or use an oven cloth when grilling in order to protect your hands.  
• Use grill utensils with long, heat-resistant handles.  
• Please keep electric cables away from hot surfaces.  
• Do not line your grill with aluminum foil as this can hinder the flow of air.  
• Do not use sharp objects and abrasive cleaners to clean the grilling grate and grill as these may damage the surface.  
• When igniting the gas grill use the BISTRO lighter from Bodum. Never ignite the grill from the top but instead only  
through the ventilation holes or the ignition holes as shown in Figure D.  
• Use a spatula (BODUM® FyrkAt barbecue spatula) or tongs ((BODUM® FyrkAt barbecue nipper) to turn the  
barbecue food. Avoid using sharp objects to pierce the meat as this can cause meat juices and flavor to escape.  
• Ideally, turn the barbecue food once only. Follow the tips in your recipe.  
• Use disposable 70%butane/30%propane canisters with a minimum full weight of 430 g and a maximum full weight  
of 460 g. the canisters must be fitted with a valve with thread complying with En417.  
CAUTION: Only use gas canisters labeled to indicate that they contain butane gas or a 70%butane/30%propane mix.  
• Push the disposable liquid gas canister into the regulator and turn the canister in a clockwise direction as shown in  
Figure C, until it is firmly seated.  
NOTE: Only tighten the canister connection by hand. the application of excessive force could lead to the regulator (8)  
and the valve on the canister being damaged. this may in turn lead to a leak or prevent gas from flowing.  
Disposable liquid gas canister, soap solution and a cloth or brush to apply the solution.  
It is necessary to check the following connections for a gas leak. the connection between the burner and regulator  
(14) and the connection between the gas canister and regulator (15) FIGURE d.  
1) Attach the gas canister at the regulator (8) as shown in FIGURE c.  
2) Mix soap with water.  
3) Moisten the connections listed above with the soap solution.  
4) turn the gas regulator in a counter clockwise direction, to On.  
5) Check for any leaks. If bubbles form or if a bubble starts to become larger, a leak is present. If a leak is present,  
turn the regulator (8) to OFF and tighten the canister connection more firmly. turn the regulator (8) back to On and  
check once again using the soap solution. If a leak is still present then turn the regulator (8) to OFF again and remove  
the gas canister. try with a second gas canister. If the leak is still present then contact your dealer. dO NOT USE THE  
6) Switch the regulator (8) to OFF once the leak test is complete, and clean the connection between the burner and  
regulator (14) and the connection between the gas canister and regulator (15) using a damp cloth. FIGURE d  
1) Always open the lid prior to ignition. the gas BBQ must never be ignited whilst the lid is closed.  
2) Check that the regulator (8) is in the OFF position.  
3) When igniting the grill use the BIStrO lighter from Bodum. Ignite the lighter and hold the flame in one of the two  
ignition openings beneath the burner as shown in Figure D.  
NOTE: Do not bend over the open grill. keep your face and body a minimum 30 cm away from the ignition opening  
whilst igniting the grill.  
4) turn the regulator (8) for the burner (9) into the On position.  
5) Check that the burner (9) is on by looking through the grilling grate. A blue flame must be visible.  
cAUTION: If you do not open the lid during the ignition process, or fail to adhere to the 5 minute waiting time to  
allow the gases to dissipate in case the grill does not light, there is a risk that an explosive burst of flames may form,  
which can cause severe physical or even fatal injuries.  
1) the reductor must be switched to the OFF position and the picnic gas grill must be cold.  
2) Open the lid (2).  
3) remove the grilling grate (3).  
4) Unscrew the three M4 screws (4) on the flame reflector (5). remove the M4 screws (4) and the flame reflector (5).  
5) remove any remaining food from the grilling bowl (6) and clean the grilling bowl (6) and the flame reflector (5)  
using a mild detergent and water.  
6) the grilling grate does not need to be cleaned after each use. Just loosen any left-over food with a brass wire brush  
or crumpled up aluminum foil and then wipe clean with kitchen paper.  
7) Attach the flame reflector (5) after cleaning in accordance with the «ASSEMBly InStrUCtIOnS»  
• If the picnic gas BBQ is not in use it is essential that the gas canister be stored in a well-ventilated place, outdoors.  
• The gas grill must be checked for gas leaks and blockages of the burner (9) prior to use.  
• Check the air openings (13) for damage. FIGURE d  
Please read all instructions carefully before you start to grill. the lid is an important part of the BODUM® Picnic Gas  
BBQ and should be kept closed at all times when barbecuing foods. you save up to one third of cooking time com-  
pared with a conventional oven, because hot air is constantly flowing around the food during grilling. the barbecue  
food must be turned once, halfway through grilling.  
• No flames flaring: When the lid is closed flames cannot flare up.  
• Fast barbecuing: The BODUM® Picnic Gas BBQ is optimally designed for heat retention. the heat is reflected by all  
surfaces (above all by the lid) back onto the barbecue food, so that the grilling time is considerably reduced.  
• Ensure that the grill has cooled down.  
• Ensure that the regulator (8) is switched to OFF.  
• Remove the grilling grate.  
• Wipe out the grilling bowl (6) with a cloth. All BBQ remnants can be wiped into the grease tray (12).  
• Remove the BBQ remnants and grease from the grease tray.  
• Wipe the outside of the grill using a damp cloth.  
• The grilling grate does not need to be cleaned every time it is used. Just loosen any left-over food with a brass wire  
brush or with crumpled up aluminum foil and then wipe clean with kitchen paper.  
rated output  
Approval marks  
2.9kW (210g/h)  

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